OutScout is a talent matching platform & recruitment service built for high-growth technology-first companies

OutScout is building a unique matching platform and talent network that reduces the time it takes to begin interviewing high-quality technology professionals.

OutScout serves tech startups, scaleups, and enterprise companies that are building out key team members across engineering, product, growth, revenue, and operations. 

The OutScout Journey

Born in Austin, TX , OutScout joined Search Capital in early 2019 to begin building its talent matching platform. 

Since then, OutScout has been able to grow its revenue each year. It is currently focused on growing subscription revenue and the talent network with the platform now live.

OutScout has placed a variety of successful hires from senior level individual contributors to VPs across several technology-first businesses.

Gareth Webb, founder and CEO of OutScout: “Search Capital has been a very reliable partner as an early investor helping us to get off the ground, build momentum, and figure out our place in the market. Aside from capital and infrastructure, having the added mindshare to bounce ideas off of has been very helpful.” 

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Meet the Founders

Meet the Founders

See what the founder, Gareth Webb, has to say about how the Search Capital investment model helped them to get the company off the ground and begin to experience exponential growth.

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