Xander Talent is a recruit, train and embed consultancy that balances profit with purpose

With their own purpose-driven training academy, Xander supports FTSE businesses, global consultancies, and boutique start-ups to get access to diverse and highly skilled digital talent.

The Xander Journey

Born during the recent global pandemic, Xander joined the Search Capital group in late-2020, and in a little over two years have grown to a team of 120 employees, with a growth target of 700 people by 2027.

After navigating through a challenging period, the team moved to their central London office in September 2021, home of their technical training academy.

They have placed several diverse and highly skilled individuals across an impressive client portfolio of FTSE businesses and global consultancies and continue to deliver high quality project and delivery work across a number of industries.

The company now has plans to expand to the US markets in late 2023.

John Hall, co-founder and CEO of Xander Talent: “When looking for an investor, we were looking for someone that wouldn’t just bring money, but experience in the human capital consulting space. Search Capital is one of the best.”

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Meet the Founders

Meet the Founders

Hear from our co-founders on their motivations for starting Xander and how Search Capital’s experience was critical when searching for investment partners.

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